The ComboTicket

The ComboTicket

The Combo-Ticket for a unique experience of the
Semper Opera House & Volkswagen Transparent Factory

You are in Dresden and have already decided on a guided tour of the Semper Opera House, but always wanted to have a look at the famous Transparent Factory?

Well, now you can! As of now, you are able to buy the Combo-Ticket which includes a tour of the Semper Opera House and the Transparent Factory - and you even save 2 Euros!

The are 21,00 € for Adults and 13,00 € for Students, Children and those with disabilities.

What's special: You have the option of purchasing the combined ticket and use it on a later date within a month.
This means you don't have to visit both tours on the same day. The combined ticket is available at the box offices.
Please find out in advance about the opening times and current guided tours of the Gläserne Manufaktur and Semperoper Erleben.
Registration is possible by telephone on 0351 - 320 736 0 (Semperoper Erleben) and 0351 - 420 4411 (Gläserne Manufaktur).